Tips for Renovating Your Home for the New Year

Tips for Renovating Your Home for the New Year

The new year is a great time to look around the house and decide which tasks you’d like to tackle. Chances are, you had big ideas and plans for how you’d like to make it your own when you moved in. These are some tips for renovating your home for the new year.

Add Shelving and Organization

What’s the easiest way to organize your house? Try adding storage baskets and shelving around your home to create a place for each item. Vertical shelving will help make extra space for you and your family by getting things off the floor. The garage, pantry, bathrooms, and bedrooms are accessible spaces where you can add this.

Even if your pantry and closets already have shelving, this shelving may work for you. There’s an abundance of design ideas out there to help you find the perfect match.

Revamp Your Entryway

Your entryway is one of the most important areas in your home. It creates the first impression guests have of your home as they enter. Think of creative ways to organize shoes, keys, coats, and leashes. Put a coat hanger onto the wall for backpacks, purses, and hats. Place a bench near the door so that people can sit down. It can also provide storage underneath for shoes if you get the right kind. Additionally, give the entryway a nice refresh with a new coat of paint.

Update the Light Fixtures

This task is relatively simple yet often forgotten. Even going the simple route of upgrading all the lightbulbs to LEDs is a quick fix that will help brighten your home. Take some time to decide which fixtures appear outdated and don’t work with your ambiance anymore. There are stylish and affordable options out there for everyone.

Update the Kitchen Hardware and Appliances

This tip for renovating your home for the new year is a big one. Take time to update all the hardware on your cabinets, including the cabinet flap hinges, which can upgrade how well your cabinets work. Craft Supply has a variety of hinges available to purchase online.

Appliances and hardware can refresh the kitchen and give it a whole new look.