Signs It’s Time To Replace the Kitchen Cabinets

Signs It’s Time To Replace the Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets feeling a tad dreary? Kitchens are one of the areas of the house that hold a lot of value, and it’s worth the effort to keep them updated. The following are signs it’s time to replace the kitchen cabinets.

A Lingering Odor

There’s open space behind and under your cabinets. There are instances when they will have space between the countertops and the cabinets, as well. Bits of food, pests, and mold can get into these open areas, and since you’re not cleaning these spaces because they’re challenging to reach, strong odors begin to develop. The only option you’ll have once the unpleasant smell begins is to get rid of the cabinets altogether and remove the source.

Cabinets Are Metal

Nowadays, most cabinets are wooden, but there was once a time when metal was the popular option for kitchen cabinets. It’s incredibly challenging to reface metal kitchen cabinets. It’s not worth the hassle or money, so it’s best to upgrade the cabinets.

Cheap, Flimsy Cabinets

Unfortunately, not all cabinets are created equal. You’ll find many cabinets made with MDF, a composite material with some wood but mainly filler material and glue. Adding new drawer faces and doors won’t suffice because you’re not solving the problem of cheaply made cabinets, and eventually, the doors and drawer fronts will come off.

It’s best to replace all the cheap cabinets instead of refacing them.

A New Layout

Many people update their cabinets because they’re remodeling their kitchens. Some people want more room in their kitchen and some homeowners dream of a better layout for food preparation and storage space. These plans often change the design of the cabinets, along with other kitchen items.

If you’re upgrading the design of your kitchen, it doesn’t make sense to move around old kitchen cabinets. Purchase new high-quality cabinets to match the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Damaged Cabinets

Another sign it’s time to replace the kitchen cabinets is that they’re severely damaged. There’s no way to hide severe damage on your kitchen cabinets. It’s best to invest in a new set of cabinets instead of resurfacing them.

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