About Us


Craft Supply is a diverse wholesale distributor of hardware and fitting systems, plumbing supplies, heating supplies, pipes, valves and fittings, waterworks and drainage, faucets and fixtures, tools and other equipment as well as many other specialty products within the industry. For over 10 years, we have been an important resource to commercial contractors, plumbing, heating and mechanical contractors, architects and interior designers, builders and other professional as well as the individual homeowners and business owners. We have the ability to offer the professional and retail consumer over 10,000 different products and we are able to get you the right product in a timely manner.

Our Craft Supply specialists care for you and will help you with your product selection and any questions you might have. With our large selection of products at unbeatable prices you can always count on us to have the right item at the best price. Although the plumbing supply industry has been around for many years, many changes in technology and the products offered on the market make it imperative for us to provide the best brands with the most up to date products to meet our customers’ needs. Our great relationships with our vendors allow us to do just that.