Wholesale Hardware Suppliers

Craft Supply is a wholesale hardware supplier that offers our customers the highest quality cabinets and finishing touches to your renovation project. We specialize in home renovation supplies such as cabinetry, hardware, lighting supplies, faucets and fixtures, heating supplies, pipes, plumbing supplies, valves and fittings, waterworks and drainage. The Craft Supply is a diverse wholesale hardware distributor with more than 10 years of experience, making us an important resource to builders, commercial contractors, plumbing, heating and mechanical contractors, architects and interior designers, and other professionals. We also work with home and business owners on their renovation projects and offer our knowledge to aid the process. We offer our commercial and retail customers super durable wholesale home improvement supplies that are easy to order, install, and maintain. And with our variety of over 10,000 different products, you can count on us to get you the right item at the best price. Shop our home remodeling supplies today.