• × Hafele Keyhole Fitting, Bed Connector 6 × $1.14
  • × Adjustable Closet Rod with Separated Ends - White
    Minimum Length:

    30 in

    Maximum Length:

    48 in

    1 × $17.44

Subtotal: $24.28

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Category: Pull-Out Cabinets

Pull-Out Cabinets

Cabinets have revolutionized the way we organize our spaces, but sometimes the cabinets could use some rejuvenation to make them more useful. Pull-out cabinets are an excellent and fool-proof way to increase the functionality of your kitchen. There are different styles available for homeowners to choose from, so they can decide which option will best fit their needs. The sliding cabinet organizer conveniently transforms any cabinet into optimum functional storage. These styles are the perfect way to turn a filler cabinet into a spice organizer. Use the kitchen cabinet pull-outs as a way to reach the pots and pans without having to crouch down. Craft Supply has unbeatable prices, so purchase your pull-out cabinets today!