Top Tips for Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

Top Tips for Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a sure-fire way to give your kitchen a fresh makeover. If you’ve been wondering if it’s time, use this article as your sign. These are a few top tips for painting the kitchen cabinets.

Paint Quality Matters

The most critical piece of advice for painting the kitchen cabinets yourself is to use high-quality paint. Cabinets are a high-traffic item in the kitchen. We use them daily. They get splattered on, wiped down, slammed closed, and you need paint that will withstand all the use.

Plus, you don’t want to be re-painting your cabinets in a few years. Cheap paint will wear off quicker. Looking for a high-quality oil-based paint is your best bet, but companies are now producing excellent water-based paints, so don’t count them out.

Label the Doors and Hardware

This is vitally important: number all of the kitchen doors and drawers as you remove them. This advice will save you from a headache as you make educated guesses about which door goes where.

Pencil a number in a distinct area that will remain hidden once the door has been reinstalled, for example, under the hinge.

Don’t Skip Prep Work

It would be best if you prepped the cabinets before you painted them. Homeowners will frequently overlook this step, but quality results mean making an effort.

If the cabinets were previously painted, you’ll have to de-gloss them before sanding. You want to provide the paint with the best surface to ensure it will adhere. No premature paint flaking, please.

Be Sure To Prime

Another top tip for painting the kitchen cabinets is to use a primer. Primer prepares and seals the surface for proper adhesion of the paint. In most cases, you’ll only need a single coat of primer, and you’re ready for paint.


Use finer grit sandpaper after you prime to ensure a smooth paint finish.

Tint Your Primer if Using Dark Paint

If you’ve chosen a dark paint color for your cabinets, tint your primer using your paint. This tip can decrease the number of topcoats you’ll need for perfect coverage.

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