Hercules 32 oz. Sizzle Drain & Waste System Cleaner, 20305

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Hercules® Sizzle® Drain and Waste System Cleaner removes deposits of carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, oxides, urinary salts and other mineral deposits. For Professional Use Only – Not For Retail Sale.

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  • Triple action formula of virgin hydrochloric acid, selected corrosion inhibitors and a strong foam suppressant
  • Can be safely used with iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze and lead fixtures
  • Dissolves inorganic deposits that restrict flow of water and waste
  • Quickly dissolves scale and mineral build-up from water, waste, heating, processing and air conditioning systems
  • Clears plaster, grout and concrete obstructions from new and old construction
  • 20305
Weight 2.8 lbs

32 oz.


Specification Hercules Sizzle



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Specification Hercules Sizzle
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