Hercules 2 lbs. R-D Root Destroyer, 20602

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Hercules® R-D™ Root Destroyer is formulated to eliminate and prevent root growth in sewer-type lines.

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  • Concentrated chemical product specifically formulated to clear and prevent root-blocked sewer lines.
  • Non-caustic, non-acid, copper sulfate based herbicide – harmless to skin or clothing. Safe to use in lines leading to septic tanks, cesspools and dry wells when used as instructed.
  • Will not harm trees, shrubs, or other vegetation.
  • Contains large crystals of copper sulfate which dissolve slowly, increasing contact time with roots to ensure more complete removal.
  • NSF registered/USDA authorized.
  • EPA Registration. No. 7687-1
  • EPA Est. No. 7687NJ01.
  • 20602
  • Use of copper sulfate root destroyers is not permitted in Connecticut and San Francisco Bay area of California.
Weight 2.5 lbs

2 lbs.


Specification Root Destroyer


Specification Root Destroyer
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