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  • SKU:1804

    1 gal. Dark Cutting Oil


    Dark Cutting Oil is compounded for cutting clean, unbroken threads when using high-speed threading machines on steel or brass pipe. Low torque means less work, less heat generated and a longer life for tools.

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  • SKU:8852

    1 gal. Hercules PT-BIO1


    Hercules® PT-BIO1™ eliminates drain line build up and controls odors with grease and waste digesting bacteria and biodegradable grease and soil removers.

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  • SKU:8856

    1 lbs. Bacta-Life


    Hercules® Bacta-Life® is a concentrated powdered formulated to repopulate beneficial bacteria in recently pumped septic systems.

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  • SKU:8760

    1/2″ x 1000″ Gray PTFE Grriptape

    $2.84 $1.95

    Hercules® Grriptape™ is a professional PTFE thread sealant tape that Grrips on the first wrap and seals a huge variety of threaded systems

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  • SKU:8762

    1/2″ x 260″ Gray PTFE Grriptape


    Hercules® Grriptape™ is a professional PTFE thread sealant tape that Grrips on the first wrap and seals a huge variety of threaded systems

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  • SKU:1811

    14 oz. Sta Put Plumbers Putty


    Sta Put® plumbing, sealing and caulking compound provides superior sealing properties with a smooth appearance when setting plumbing fixtures, bowls, faucets, basin cocks, strainers, plugs and sink frames.

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  • SKU:1793

    16 oz. Megaloc Multi-Purpose Thread Sealant


    Megaloc® is a multi-purpose thread sealant made with DuPont™ Kevlar® for use on metals, including steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and plastics.

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  • SKU:5835

    16 oz. Pipe Joint & Gasket Sealant


    Grrip™ is an all-purpose, non-petroleum, hydrocarbon-based pipe joint and gasket seal for use on all metals and on PVC, ABS, CPVC plastics.

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  • SKU:1819

    16 oz. Pro Dope Pipe Joint Compound


    Designed for use with metal threaded pipe Use in pipe systems carrying water, natural gas, air, steam, ammonia, brine, diluted acids and alkalis Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit Prevents rust and corrosion Withstands air and steam pressure up to 200 PSI Do not use for LP …

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  • SKU:1821

    16 oz. PVC Primer (Clear)


    Recommended method to soften and prepare surface of PVC pipe and fittings before applying solvent cements. Meets ASTM F656.

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  • SKU:3666

    16 oz. Real-Tuff PTFE Paste Thread Sealant


    Real Tuff™ is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty white PTFE thread sealant that uses a unique system of fine-grain PTFE particles to fill cracks and thread imperfections.

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  • SKU:2300

    16 oz. Soldering Paste


    Smooth, premium quality, petroleum-based flux Formulated for use in extreme climate temperatures all year long Self-cleaning, lead-free formula Will not lose its consistency in high or low temperatures Meets Commercial Item Description A-A-51145 (supersedes Fed Spec O-F-506)

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  • SKU:3095

    2 lbs. Duck Butter Pipe Joint Lubricant


    Duck Butter® is a water-soluble pipe lubricant for joining pipe and fitting with rubber, synthetic rubber or plastic gaskets. The soft paste spreads easily and thinly to give superior lubrication.

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  • SKU:8853

    2 lbs. Odorless Drain Opener


    Glug® Crystals Drain Opener uses a non-fuming formula to clear sluggish drains and prevent clogs. It can be used for emergency and preventive maintenance treatments.

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  • SKU:8859

    2 lbs. R-D Root Destroyer


    Hercules® R-D™ Root Destroyer is formulated to eliminate and prevent root growth in sewer-type lines.

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  • SKU:8857

    20 oz. Iron Ike®Rust Remover


    Removes rust from: Water Softeners, Toilets & Flush Boxes, Sinks, Tubs & Ceramic Tile, Pipe & Water Systems, Dishes &Glassware, Dishwashers & Washing Machine.

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