4 Specialty Cabinet Hinges and Their Functions

4 Specialty Cabinet Hinges and Their Functions

Cabinet hinges are basic and crucial parts of the storage system in a kitchen. Homeowners usually obsess over the cabinets and the knobs when they start remodeling projects. However, the remodel isn’t complete without the glue that holds everything together: the hinges! Check out these four specialty cabinet hinges and their functions to cover all the bases.

Concealed Hinges

Concealed hinges, also known as hidden hinges, function exactly as the name suggests. No one can see them from the outside, but they’re there. These hinges attach to the inside of the cabinet door and the frame.

Hidden hinges give off the illusion that the doors float on the face of the cabinet frame. Use these hinges to highlight the cabinet door itself. You can place them anywhere without impacting the look of the cabinet. No one will notice a concealed hinge in your kitchen!

Self-Closing Hinges

Self-closing hinges cause cabinets to close once you release the handle. If you’re someone who forgets to close cabinets, these hinges are perfect for you. The design allows the cabinet to use its own weight to close. The hinge has a spring that uncoils when you open the door and recoils once the pressure against the door leaves. Self-closing hinges decline over time, so inspect them regularly for signs of wear.

Face-Frame Hinges

Face-frame hinges are also referred to as semi-concealed hinges. The design allows for movement on the cabinet doors that overlay the face frame. They mount on the frame, and only the frame wing is visible. The door wing is attached to the back of the door. These hinges might be the most common type in homes. At Craft Supply, we sell these designs and cabinet flap hinges in many styles.

Inset Hinges

You can install inset hinges on the inside of the cabinet frame, making them flush with the closed cabinet. The best thing about these hinges is that you can either expose or hide them. Keep in mind that you can’t open the cabinet without a doorknob.

Inset hinges have one narrow side that attaches to the door frame and a wider side that attaches to the door’s interior. Because the narrow side is visible, most inset hinges come with a decorative piece to enhance the appearance.

At Craft Supply Corp, we have an assortment of specialty hinges for homeowners to sort through. Our experts can describe their functions to help with your decision. For more information, visit our website.