4 Common Problems Found During Home Renovations

4 Common Problems Found During Home Renovations

Home improvement projects can turn into a headache. Between the work, the costs, and the disturbances, they can all become a jumbled mess. And things could get even more troublesome if something you didn’t plan on happens. Be ready for the worst. This way, you can handle issues with ease. Check out these four common problems found during home renovations.

Mold and More Mold

Ugh! Mold is the worst. And when you see it, you’ll have the urge to tear the whole house down. However, that’s probably not a possibility. The mold may originate from several problems, such as water damage.

Now, you need to remove it. Arm yourself properly because you don’t want to touch or breathe in the mold. Place a mask across your face, and cover your hands with gloves. Wear a pair of goggles too. Fill a bucket with a half cup of bleach, one-quarter cup of water, and a little detergent. Then, start scrubbing the mold away with a scrubber.

Double-bag the cleaning supplies, then throw them away. Rent a dehumidifier and fans, and set them up in the room to dry the area completely.

Foundation Issues

Foundations problems are a homeowner’s nightmare. Cracks along the walls, floors, doors, and windows are clear signs. If this issue occurs, you need an engineer to come and inspect the property. They’ll tell you the extent of the damage and recommendations to fix it.

Some cases have a quick, easy solution, such as bolting steel braces on the house to stabilize the foundation. Others might require void forms to extend the potential lifespan of the structure. They allow the soil to swell and shift without cracking the foundation.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is a scary situation and one that you can’t ignore. Just because the wires are out of sight doesn’t mean they’re not your concern. Old and bad wiring could lead to a fire. The best thing to do is bring a licensed electrician to the site.

They’ll inspect the entire property, find the issues, and come up with a solution. They’ll also tell you the dangers of what could happen to your home with a bad electrical job. They’ll make sure the sockets are grounded and the wiring is up to code.

Damaged Pipes

Some pipes just aren’t meant to last, and you won’t know that until you strip everything away and inspect them. When you see a leak dripping from your pipes, that’s a clear sign they’ve worn out their welcome. Replace them with pipes built to last.

At Craft Supply, we hate leaky pipes! We want all our customers to find the best pipes that will last for decades and keep their homes protected from water damage. Our wholesale home improvement supplies include plumbing. All you need to do is take a look.

We know the common problems to watch out for and have tips to help with your home renovation project. For more information, visit our website.