Full-Wrap vs. Partial-Wrap Hinges: What’s the Difference?

Full-Wrap vs. Partial-Wrap Hinges: What’s the Difference?

When remodeling and swapping out or upgrading cabinets, most people don’t consider the little guy. Their focus is solely on the actual cabinets and how the change will work with the décor of the room and the entire home.

But the hinges hold everything together and keep the cabinets within the frame. Just like there are several types of cabinets, there are several types of hinges. Check out full-wrap vs. partial-wrap hinges and the difference between them.

Full-Wrap Hinges

Full-wrap hinges wrap around both sides of the frame. They come with three sides of the frame and screws that go into the inside edge. Full-wrap-around hinges look similar to semi-concealed hinges.

You’ll use these hinges for the look of a semi-concealed hinge with added support. They’ll hide the main mechanism of the hinge behind the cabinet door, though some of the hinge will remain exposed on the frame or door edge. They may not be as decorative as other hinges, but they put function over form.

Partial-Wrap Hinges

Partial-wrap hinges are less visible and only wrap the back portion of the frame. The frame wing wraps two sides of the frame and screws to the edge. Some of the more common options are full-inset and overlay partial-wrap hinges.

A partial overlay hinge or a “half crank” is a European type of hinge. It has slightly less bend than an inset hinge. It’s similar to the full inset hinge. However, it sits back from the edge a little further, allowing the edge of the door to overlay some of the frame.

Which To Choose?

Deciding on the type of hinge really depends on your style and the purpose of the cabinet. As we said, these hinges aren’t for decorative purposes. Their design holds and supports the weight of the cabinets. They also last longer because of their durability.

Strap or surface hinges are more visible. But they don’t add extra depth or interest to the cabinet as full-wrap or partial-wrap hinges do. Wrap hinges hold larger and heavier doors with ease.

If your next purchase of cabinets weighs on the heavier side, use wrap hinges for perfect support. We have bulk cabinet hinges that include face frame wrap-around hinges for all our customers to look through.

At Craft Supply Corp, we specialize in all the things you need for a home remodel. Knowing the difference between full-wrap and partial-wrap hinges is just one element. For more information, visit our website.