Tips for Mixing and Matching Hardware on Kitchen Cabinets

Tips for Mixing and Matching Hardware on Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen might be the most exciting part of a home to decorate. There’s so much opportunity in this one area. You can do so much by paying attention to everything from the counter tops to the floors and appliances. And let’s not forget the cabinets. We just so happen to be experts on cabinets when it comes to designing. Check out our tips for mixing and matching hardware on kitchen cabinets.

Consider the Scale

You should start by considering the scale. Every kitchen is different, and the hardware you choose for the cabinets and drawers needs to fit in well with the room’s size. For example, you may have an island with plenty of counterspace. You want to choose hardware that matches its size.

Some people go with knobs, but if symmetry matters to you, it often makes more sense to consider the long pullout knob. It has a much sleeker look. Additionally, when using multiple styles together, makes sure they’re noticeably different in size. Otherwise, they’ll appear uncoordinated instead of intentionally mixed.

Consider the Function

You can use different styles for each door or drawer type. This way, you don’t need to figure out which pieces should mix and match. You can assign a specific hardware type to a specific set of drawers. Likewise, a cabinet above a drawer can automatically have different hardware to accommodate it.

The only thing that you should keep the same is the color. Designs can vary a bit, but you don’t want to have a copper knob with a brass one. This only makes the kitchen look uncoordinated. Having round knobs for the cabinets and slanted pullouts for the drawers is a classic and intentional look most kitchens can pull off.

Consider the Number

What are the numbers of cabinets and drawers in your kitchen? You might find there are more cabinets than drawers or vice versa. Cabinet hardware will most likely look better when used in multiple places so that no single knob or handle is the odd one out.

One style shouldn’t overpower the others. Otherwise, things look misplaced. Kitchens on a smaller scale work better with two types of hardware. If you have less than 12 cabinets and drawers, you may consider sticking with only one type of hardware. Having 20 or more gives you more breathing room to get creative with mixing, which you can keep in mind as you get your cabinet hardware supplies.

Here at Craft Supply, we’re all about pulling a couple of ideas together and making them fit perfectly in your home. All you need are the right supplies to mix and match hardware on kitchen cabinets, and we have them! For more information, visit our website.