4 Benefits of Building a Fold-Down Murphy Bar

4 Benefits of Building a Fold-Down Murphy Bar

While going out to bars can be a blast, drinking in the comfort of your own home is sometimes the way to go. If you’re a fan of cocktails, you’ve likely taught yourself how to make a few of your favorites. Having a designated bar area can be a classy way to store bar equipment and prepare drinks at home, and a Murphy bar is a great way to get this. Read on for the benefits of building a fold-down Murphy bar.

What Is a Murphy Bar?

Just like a Murphy bed is a bed that folds down from the wall and back up again for easy, compact storage, a Murphy bar does the same. These foldaway bars make it easy to enjoy a home bar without the large budget or space usually necessary for one. People usually make Murphy bars from small wooden boxes or cabinets.

Hideaway Storage

Murphy bars feature storage shelves inside the box portion of the bar, while the lid folds down to become a miniature countertop. This means that, while not in use, you have the perfect place to store and organize all your bar materials. And because the Murphy bar mounts on a wall, it takes up less space than a bar cart!

Extra Counter Space

Remember that miniature countertop? Think about how nice it would be to have an out-of-the-way place to make a quick cocktail. Next time your partner is making dinner or you have friends over, you’ll be able to make a drink without taking up valuable kitchen counter space.

Dedicated Cocktail Area

Sometimes, it’s nice to designate an area for just one purpose, such as coffee bars and vanities. The only purpose of a Murphy mini bar is to relax, make a drink, and have a good time. That’s pretty great.

Inexpensive Home Bar

The low cost is yet another benefit of building a fold-down Murphy bar. When most people think about home bars, they think of fancy homes and huge budgets. However, home bars aren’t just for the wealthy anymore.

You can build your own Murphy bar for as little as 100 dollars. All you need is some lumbar, wood screws, and metal drop flap hinges to build your new favorite home feature. Once you give the Murphy bar a try, you’ll never look back!