What To Know About Using Teflon Tape With Brass Fittings

What To Know About Using Teflon Tape With Brass Fittings

Whether you’re in the middle of your DIY bathroom remodel or just trying to fix a leaky sink, you’ve likely come across articles recommending Teflon tape as a simple fix. But if you’ve never heard of this tape before, it can be tough to know where to start. Here’s what you need to know about what Teflon tape is and how to use it with brass fittings.

What Is Teflon Tape?

You’ve probably heard of PTFE tape or plumber’s tape at some point, especially if you make a habit of DIYing. Teflon tape is simply the name-brand version. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s a brief explanation.

Teflon tape is low-friction, water-repellant tape. It is relatively easy to use and, since it repels water, takes the place of absent rubber gaskets. Meaning this simple tape prevents your pipes from leaking!

How To Use It

Using Teflon tape is fairly simple. One of the most important things to know is the direction in which you should wrap the tape. You must wrap the tape in the opposite direction that the pipe will turn when you screw it back into place.

This distinction will ensure the thread tightens correctly, holding it all in place and preventing leaks. If you wrap it incorrectly, the tape will ball up and not work correctly. You should wrap the tape two to four times around the pipe.

Crucial Details To Know

If your plumbing carries a heavy water flow, Teflon tape may not be sufficient. The tape may not be able to handle the pressure; in these cases, it is best to use a second sealant in addition to the tape.

Teflon tape is color coded. For basic DIY jobs and standard plumbing fixes, use white tape. This is perfect for low-stakes repair work. However, the pink tape will be the best fit if you’re working on a water line. This is a sturdier option for plumbers to use on pipes that must handle very high water pressure.

There are other colors of Teflon tape on the market, designed for everything from oxygen lines to stainless steel. The good news is that, unlike stainless steel, brass fittings do not require a special kind of tape.

If you’re looking for brass plumbing parts to go with your Teflon tape, Craft Supply Corp has the best wholesale products on the market. Now you know how to use Teflon tape with your brass fittings!