3 Tips on Choosing New Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

3 Tips on Choosing New Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Are your kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls feeling outdated? Maybe you’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel and need help choosing your new set of cabinet pulls and knobs. The following tips will help you decide which finish will help create your desired style.

Consider Cabinet Pull Material

You’ll discover cabinet knobs and pulls are available in various materials, such as:

  • Stainless steel – a durable and easy-to-clean option. It’s a green material that you can recycle time and time again.
  • Bronze – a heavy material that contains antimicrobial properties. It’s a great option for cabinets made from thicker wood.
  • Brass – a plated or lacquered alloy with high durability.
  • Crystal, glass, or ceramic – perfect for a vintage look.

What’s Your Style?

Your kitchen cabinet hardware will reflect the overall tone of your space. Below, you’ll find five primary hardware styles: contemporary, traditional, eclectic, rustic, and transitional.


Transitional style hardware blends traditional and contemporary styles. You can have modern and trendy cabinets with conventional hardware creating a polished and comfortable look.


Do you love farmhouse-style kitchens? Create an inviting kitchen with warm undertones with rustic cabinet hardware. Copper, oil-rubbed bronze, or black knobs and pulls will complete the look. These finishes will create a patina after some time, perfect for a cozy kitchen.


A contemporary kitchen contains clean lines, a neutral color palette, and little-to-no ornamentation. Simple and sleek hardware will help turn your kitchen into a modern dream. Choose chic handles for drawers and cabinets to keep a cohesive look.


Traditional kitchens are full of ornate details, elaborate embellishments, and moldings. Look for fancy knobs and add ornate drop handles for the perfect traditional kitchen.


Choosing eclectic style kitchen hardware will allow your personality to shine through. Are you re-doing a beach house kitchen? Use seashells for handles. Is your favorite animal a cow? Grab adorable cow handles. There’s no wrong answer with an eclectic style kitchen.

Think About Positioning and Size

You don’t want your handles to throw off the balance and aesthetic of your kitchen. Choose pulls and knobs that will add to the functionality and efficiency of the space. Avoid pulls that take up more than one-third the length of the drawer. Anything larger will overwhelm the drawer.

Position the decorative cabinet knobs and pulls in the exact spot you’ll want them before permanently attaching them. There are tools available to aid you through the process.

Use the above three tips to help you choose your next kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. It will help create a cohesive looking space and accomplish the look you desire.