The Difference Between Concealed and Wrap-Around Hinges

The Difference Between Concealed and Wrap-Around Hinges

If you’re unfamiliar with all the types of hinges, you can easily become overwhelmed by the variety. Which ones should you choose? How do you know which serves which purpose? This blog post will discuss the differences between concealed and wrap-around hinges.

Wrap-Around Hinges

Wrap-around hinges install wonderfully on cabinet doors. These multi-joint hinges allow doors to fully extend and create a smooth transition from close to open. Wrap-around hinges provide a traditional style and blend perfectly in a wood-heavy kitchen.

These hinges create a separation between the cabinet wood, increasing the lifespan and functionality of the cabinet. They’re suitable for heavier doors, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

When To Use Them

Wrap-around hinges are ideal for interior and exterior doors. They provide excellent stability for heavier doors, even after daily use.

Concealed Hinges

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing hinge, look no further than the concealed hinge. These hinges lay flush against the door, providing a smooth surface. Rather than seeing the butt of the hinge, you only see the door and frame.

You can modify the door’s level after installation by adjusting the screws. They’re the only hinges that allow for corrections after installation. Concealed hinges are also known as European, invisible, and hidden hinges. It’s crucial to note this hinge type is not easy on the wallet, so they’re selectively utilized.

When To Use Them

European-style concealed hinges are excellent for bathrooms and kitchen cabinets. Regular concealed hinges work great for interior and exterior doors.

Using concealed hinges with a soft-close feature is perfect for when you’re trying to keep the kids from slamming the cabinets.

The Differences

The significant difference is that concealed hinges are hidden, while wrap-around hinges are visible after the door closes. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two for a project, consult with a local hardware store.

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