The Different Types of Brass Fittings for Plumbing

The Different Types of Brass Fittings for Plumbing

There are many moving parts when it comes to plumbing, and brass fittings are a vital part of residential and commercial plumbing. There are many different types of fittings that you should be aware of. Below, you’ll find a list of brass fittings to educate yourself on.

Elbow Fittings

These brass fittings change the direction of your plumbing. For example, if your plumbing lines go up, but you need them to start going across to the right, you’ll add an elbow fitting. There are two different varieties: 45 degrees and 90 degrees. You’ll also find them in various sizes.

Cap Fittings

Cap fittings seal off the end of plumbing pipes. You can find them threaded or welded and in various sizes.

Tee Fittings

You’ll use a tee fitting when you need to bring three pieces of pipe together. Tee fittings are available in various sizes, and you’ll also find welded or threaded versions.

Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are easy to install and are among the most widely used brass fittings. You can also use them with different materials, such as CPVC, PVC, and copper. Two elements create the brass compression fitting: the ring and the nut. You’ll thread the nut onto the end of the pipe, put the compression ring over the end of the line, and screw it down tight. The seal is tight enough that no water will leak out.

Cross Fittings

These fittings are incredibly similar to tee fittings but have four openings instead of three. You can use them to connect four pieces of pipe together, and you’ll find them in various sizes.

Valve Fittings

Valve fittings control the flow of water through a line. You’ll find a range of sizes and types, such as check, ball, and gate valves.

Coupling Fittings

If you need to put two pieces together, you’ll use a coupling fitting. You’ll find welded and threaded fittings along with different sizes.

Plug Fittings

Plug fittings have a male thread instead of a female thread. That means you can use them to connect other fittings with female threads. Like all the other fittings, you can find them in various sizes.

These types of brass fittings are strong, and many professionals use them for purposes other than plumbing. You may find them on your HVAC system connecting ductwork or for electrical applications. However, their strength and dependability make them a clear choice for plumbers.

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