3 Installation Tips When Replacing Cabinet Hinges

3 Installation Tips When Replacing Cabinet Hinges

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or other storage spaces, new cabinets can really enhance the overall look of a room and add valuable space. You can even transform old cabinets and shelves with stains and fixtures. These three installation tips for replacing cabinet hinges are crucial to keeping your next construction or renovation project on schedule.

Range of Motion

Manufacturers design cabinet flap hinges to move at a certain angle away from their closed position. Double-check the range of your desired hinges before installing them to ensure maximum functionality. Keep in mind that concealed hinges, while incredibly popular, don’t have the same range of motion as other kinds of hinges. Check the item description for exact measurements.

Cover Your Workspace

No one wants to install new hinges on a cabinet door only to lift it and find markings on the other side. Keep your workspace covered with a clean towel to prevent this from occurring.

Pro tip: Ensure that your workspace is flat before installing anything. A flat surface helps to prevent inaccurate measurements.

Drill Carefully

The last thing anybody needs when installing or replacing cabinet hinges is to drill through completely. While a hole is fixable, it will add considerable time and cost to the project. It’s best to drill slowly so you can correctly gauge how far you’ve gone.

How To Fix a Screw Hole

If you accidentally drill through your cabinet door, or if you want to move a hinge, you can fill in old screw holes using these steps:

  1. Clean the hole with a damp cloth.
  2. Dry the hole to get rid of any moisture.
  3. Fill in with wood filler or a dowel rod (you’ll need wood glue).
  4. If using a dowel rod, measure the hole first so you can purchase a correctly sized dowel rod.

Cabinets are an essential part of interior home design and renovation. Once you’ve chosen cabinets that complement your design, use our guide to avoid wasting precious time and energy.