3 Tips on Choosing Cabinets That Complement Your Kitchen

3 Tips on Choosing Cabinets That Complement Your Kitchen

You have to make so many decisions when you’re redoing a kitchen. You must consider the countertops, cabinets, hardware, lighting, and overall layout, to name a few. The kitchen cabinets are of utmost importance because they add style, functionality, and organization. These are three tips on choosing cabinets that complement your kitchen.

Go With Maximum Storage

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, meaning people gather there, and you collect various items for the space. Cooking utensils, small appliances, pots and pans, spices, and baking goods all need a place to call home when you’re not using them. Therefore, you need large cabinets to hold all the items.

If you have a smaller kitchen, maximizing cabinet space will create a functional area. Kitchen drawers are becoming the go-to instead of cabinets due to the improved organization they provide. They allow you to stack items vertically and are easy to access.

You want to find the best storage solutions for what works in your kitchen. It’s all about functionality and organization.

Think About What Small Appliances You Often Use

Why would you design a kitchen around baking if you make pasta more often? Plus, there’s no need for multiple storage drawers because you have many small appliances you don’t like keeping on your countertops. You use your kitchen frequently, so design it around what you’re cooking or baking often.

Integrate charging stations if you often follow recipes on your tablet or phone. This example perfectly illustrates how to make kitchen cabinets work for you.

Yes, you want your cabinets to look beautiful, but they also need to make your kitchen easier to use. Add slide-out features to your cupboards to easily access your large baking dishes. Similarly, add pull-out cabinets to keep all your spices organized next to the stove or cooktop.

Modern vs. Transitional

Another tip on choosing cabinets that complement your kitchen is to think about which design style you enjoy. The cabinet style you choose is all about personal taste. The type needs to match what’s going on in the kitchen aesthetically.

Many homes have modern cabinets, especially if the homeowners plan to sell the house soon. Shaker cabinets are an example of this type. Most modern cabinets will still be in style in around 5 years but run the risk of looking dated after 10.

Transitional cabinets adopt the old and the new elements to create one unique design. White painted drawers with long sleek handles are a perfect example of transitional-style cabinets. This type won’t age as quickly as the modern type, so keep that in mind.

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