The Different Types of Cabinet Hinges and When To Use Them

The Different Types of Cabinet Hinges and When To Use Them

With various hinges on the market, understanding the different types will help you decide which is best for your cabinets. You can stand in the hardware store, overwhelmed by all the options. Plus, how are you supposed to know how they function? Read the blog post below to learn more about the different cabinet hinges types and when to use them.

European Hinge

One characteristic of European hinges is that they’re on the inside of cabinets and concealed when the cabinet is shut. Use this style for heavier doors. They offer customization since you can easily adjust them.

There are three types of European hinges:

  • Partial Overlay Hinge: Sometimes referred to as half crank, this hinge sits back farther from the edge, permitting the door to overlay the edge partially. Use this hinge for partial overlay door cabinets.
  • Full Overlay Hinge: The straight arm on this hinge creates a greater offset than the other European styles. Utilize this hinge for full overlay cabinet doors.
  • Inset Hinge: Sitting offset from the edge, inset hinges allow cabinet doors to sit flush with the cabinets. Use these hinges for inset overlay doors. They create a chic, flushed appearance.

Butt Hinge

What a silly name for a hinge! Two mounting plates and a barrel come together to create this quintessential hinge. These are great for simple installation and if you want a traditional style in your kitchen. They attach to the inside of the cabinet door.

If you like the traditional look but want something flush, opt for the flush hinge. These hinges take up less space than the conventional butt hinge.

Flap Hinges

Flap hinges allow cabinet doors to open a full 90 degrees. Besides kitchen cabinets, you’ll find flap hinges on patio doors. These hinges are also known as drop hinges.

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With various hinges available, you must decide which function you’d like the hinges to serve. Review the above types of hinges again to understand which will work best in your kitchen.