Why Upgrading Your Kitchen Will Add Value to Your Home

Why Upgrading Your Kitchen Will Add Value to Your Home

Many homeowners want to update their kitchens but stop when they see the cost. Yes, a kitchen remodel is typically expensive, but it also adds tremendous value to your house. Let’s explore why upgrading your kitchen will add value to your home.

How Kitchen Renovations Affect Your Home Value

A kitchen renovation will increase your home’s value in almost every case. Buyers are willing to hand over the big bucks for high-end finishes and detailed upgrades. Homebuyers rank kitchens up there as among the most necessary spaces in the home. Most would pay more for the modern updates and features.

Many buyers want the house “live-in ready” so that there’s little work left for them to accomplish. When you take the time and money to add the fancy features, you stand out to potential buyers. You’ll likely sell faster and for more.

Is a Renovation Worth It?

The answer will depend on the goals you’d like to accomplish. If you’re planning to sell within the next few months, talk with a real estate agent to understand what buyers on the market are looking for in homes. Completing the correct updates can boost your house’s value immensely.

If the renovation is for your enjoyment, it can positively impact your life. Creating a kitchen that works for your lifestyle will help you live a healthier and happier life. You’ll end up cooking more at home and enjoying more family time. It’s hard to turn a blind eye to those benefits!

Approximate Kitchen Renovations Cost

The average cost of a kitchen renovation with cabinets, an island, granite countertops, a new sink, and a faucet is around $70,000. This pricing also includes updated flooring, appliances, and lighting.

Of course, it’s possible to spend more or less. Put the money into the areas you believe are worth the big bucks. Perhaps, you want to spend your funds on high-end finishes and appliances. If so, you could be looking at closer to $130,000.

A simpler remodel that consists of doing things yourself and using a wholesale hardware supplier, such as Craft Supply, will cost closer to $20,000. The pricing all depends on you.

Most people take pride in their houses, and the kitchen is the heart of the home. Now that you understand why upgrading your kitchen will add value to your home, you can start the remodel process. Happy renovating!