The Difference Between Flap and Traditional Cabinet Hinges

The Difference Between Flap and Traditional Cabinet Hinges

Hinges play a big role when it comes to kitchen cabinets. You need the correct functionality to ensure your cabinets operate the way your kitchen needs. How do you know which to choose? We’ll explore the difference between flap and traditional cabinet hinges to see which you like better.

Flap Hinges

Flap hinges are multi-purpose hinges used for multiple applications. They can add incredible functionality to your bathroom or kitchen cabinets. The specialty hinges allow the user to open the cabinet door a full 90 degrees from the cabinet they’re attached to. Craft Supply offers a wide variety of flap hinges, including fall flap hinges. You can use them for either residential or commercial needs.

Traditional Cabinet Hinges

Commonly referred to as the butt hinge, this hinge is the most common cabinet hinge you’ll find. It’s composed of two interlocking pivoting plates that form a barrel and are held together by a pin. They’re durable and heavy-duty, which is why contractors commonly use them.

A no-mortise hinge is a butt-style hinge that minimizes the cabinet and door edge gap. The thickness of the hinge is reduced to one leaf. The hinges fold within themselves when the cabinet door is closed.

Hinge Closing Options

Let’s explore the different hinge closing options now that you understand what flap and traditional cabinet hinge are.


This closing option allows the cabinet door to close silently and smoothly no matter what. The feature gets integrated into the hinge cup, with no additional hardware to install.


Sometimes referred to as self-closing, a design feature, typically a spring, pulls the door closed and keeps it closed when the cabinet door is within a few inches of closing. The difference between soft-close and snap-close is that soft-close close slowly and snap-close close abruptly.


This hinge can move freely from open to close. There is no assistance in closing the cabinet or feature to keep the door closed.

Deciding which hinge to use on your cabinet doors can be confusing when you’re unsure which is best. Refer back to the difference between flap and traditional cabinet hinges to guide you through the process.