What Are Piano Hinges Used for in Cabinetry?

What Are Piano Hinges Used for in Cabinetry?

Hinges have been around for centuries. Of course, they’ve evolved as their applications have changed as well. Piano hinges are fun-looking ones that are great for cabinetry and can enhance many woodworking projects. Get to know piano hinges better and understand what they’re used for in cabinetry.

What Is a Piano Hinge?

Piano hinges got their name because it often exists on piano lids. They have equally sized leaves and central pins that run the length of the box lid or door they’re on. Piano hinges also have other applications besides letting piano lids move. One of the most common places to see a piano hinge is on a cabinet door.

What Are Piano Hinges Used For?

Piano hinges are perfect for kitchen cabinetry because of the stability they provide. These durable hinges are ideal for heavy doors that need additional support. People use kitchen cabinets daily, and piano hinges can preserve the cabinets’ through rigorous use.

Materials Used To Create Piano Hinges

Most piano hinges on the market are stainless steel. You can also find brass and aluminum versions. You may choose the materials based on these hinges’ appearance, though they can be subtle details. For instance, you might match brass piano hinges with other brass hardware in the room.

Installing Piano Hinges

You should leave the installation of piano hinges to the professionals unless you have prior experience. Accurately measuring the space is a critical step for installing piano hinges. You’ll also need a screwdriver, screws, and a drill to get started.

You can use a measuring tape to ensure a proper measurement for the cabinet space and hinges. You also need the right-sized screws since you’ll be drilling into the cabinet and door. You don’t want the screws showing through the door when you close the cabinet door. Buy hinges in bulk if you’re redoing all the cabinets in your kitchen. This advice will save you money on the project overall.

Many construction projects utilize piano hinges these days, but cabinetry is a tried-and-true use for them. They’ve proven they’re durable repeatedly, making them an excellent option. Shop for piano hinges at Craft Supply. We have a variety of sizes and styles for your next project.