The Most Valuable Renovations for Flipping Houses

The Most Valuable Renovations for Flipping Houses

House flipping is a tricky business. You’re not trying to make the perfect house for you; you’re trying to add more value to a home in an up-and-coming neighborhood. There’s a learning curve regarding the business: how do I maximize the home’s value while staying within budget?

You’ll see which areas to focus on as they provide the biggest returns. Continue reading to explore the most valuable renovations for flipping houses.

Fresh Coat of Paint and New Floors

Paint isn’t expensive in the grand scheme of home renovations and flipping. Applying a fresh coat of paint to every room will freshen up the house and bring it back to life. Use a neutral tone because bold colors may scare away potential buyers. You can easily do this yourself to also save on labor costs.

New flooring is another basic home improvement that effectively increases the home’s value. Before buying them, look under the old carpeting for hardwood floors. If the original floors are in good condition, you can sand and seal them to make them look brand new. Otherwise, install durable floors that will appeal to the widest home-buying audience.

Update the Kitchen

Kitchens are one area that you can’t overlook when you’re flipping a house. You’ll see a big return when you update the kitchen. Buyers want lots of counter and storage space. They don’t want to feel they’ve been transported to the tiny kitchens of the 1980s.

If you don’t have the money for a complete renovation, look for ways to update without breaking the budget. If the cabinets are in good shape, paint them instead of replacing them. Repainting cabinets isn’t challenging, but it can take time; plan accordingly. Upgrade the kitchen hardware and use a reputable wholesale hardware supplier to save on cost. You don’t want to put outdated knobs and pulls on beautifully updated cabinets.

Provide Functional Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the second most important area to focus on during house flips—the first being kitchens. Like kitchens, potential buyers may skip over a house because of an outdated bathroom. Replace the flooring, vanity, hardware, and toilet to refresh the space.

Before you decide which bathroom areas to focus on, ask yourself, how is the flow? It’s important for many people, especially families, that the bathroom has ample space and good flow. See if there are ways you can make it better. Could you add a vanity with more storage space? Maybe you have the space and budget to bump out the wall a bit to provide more space to move around. These are both excellent ways to create a more functional bathroom.

Before you jump into any of the above valuable renovations during a house flip, ensure you’re covering the necessary repairs—repair the leaky roof, remove the mold, or patch up the holes in the wall. Always do the job right. No homeowner wants to move into a new home and find you cut corners.