Combination Lock 59 – Fixed Code

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Combination lock 59 is the new generation of fixcode locks.

Combination lock 59 completely eliminates the need for finding codes. If a user forgets their code, the emergency key not only opens the unit, but is also used to reset the code. Why bother finding a code that a user has forgotten anyway? Just reset the lock to put it back into operational status. Also, all functions are operated from the front of the lock and protected by the emergency opening cylinder.

The fixcode dial lock is ideal for users who keep the same storage over a period of time, for example personal storage units in office environments. When a new user takes possession of the storage unit, they will enter a personal code of their own choice. This code remains valid until changed by the user. The user can program a new code at any time, for example to restore security if they are concerned the code may be compromised. The scramble feature provides the highest security in combination with user convenience: whenever the dial lock is operated, the dials are scrambled to “0 0 0 0” automatically — this disguises the programmed code without any additional action by the user.

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