Easy Ways To Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen

Easy Ways To Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we make meals, consume snacks, and enjoy conversations. Through the years, kitchen trends adapt, change—and modernize. Many people find themselves trying to update homes they bought decades ago, but the kitchen dates the entire house. Check out some easy ways to modernize your outdated kitchen yourself.

Update Your Cabinets

Updating your kitchen cabinets is the most impactful DIY kitchen modernization project you can do. Updating your cabinets is distinct from replacing them—keep the cabinets you have and simply add a little bit of a modern splash to them.

Start by removing all your old hardware. Then, paint the cabinets or refinish them if you’re up for the task. White, black, beige, and sage green are all very trendy colors for kitchens today, but go with whatever fits your personal aesthetic.

Next, replace the old hardware with more attractive and updated decorative cabinet knobs and pulls. New cabinet hardware is easy to install, and it will instantly transport an old kitchen into 2021.

Use a Backsplash Cover

Replacing your current backsplash would update your kitchen, but that’s a more involved project than many new DIYers are ready for. Instead, consider covering the old backsplash. Here are a few ways you can update your backsplash without replacing it:

  • Paint it.
  • Clean the grout.
  • Place sticker backsplash on top of it.
  • Use wooden planks to cover it.
  • Wallpaper over it.

Update the Metals

Updating the metals in your kitchen is another way to make the space look more modern. Gold-toned hardware and outdated fixtures are sure ways to date a home. These are easy issues to fix. You can invest in new fixtures such as chandeliers and faucets, or you can cover the ones you currently use. A simple metal-finish paint or spray paint for your fixtures will make your kitchen look 20 years younger.

There are many easy ways to modernize your outdated kitchen without breaking the bank or setting aside months of a kitchenless life for a remodel. Check out our wide selection of cabinet pulls and other accessories to help your kitchen travel to the future.