Benefits of Brass Fittings in Your Home’s Plumbing

Benefits of Brass Fittings in Your Home’s Plumbing

Both home and industrial plumbing frequently use brass fittings. Even though it is the more expensive counterpart to steel or PVC, homeowners should consider choosing brass for their plumbing. Brass offers versatility in exposed finishings and makes the water lines supplying your house more efficient. Typically, brass can last up to 100 years in a plumbing system.

Brass can prevent the occurrence of future problems and help you save money in the long run. Find out the benefits of brass fittings in your home’s plumbing and save yourself the future hassle.


Brass fittings are a solid choice, thanks to their versatility. You can alter your pipe sizes during construction or renovations and find virtually any length, width, or size of plumbing fittings in brass. There is a multitude of brass fittings to use in any plumbing project:

  • Couplings — connects pipes of the same size
  • Adaptors — changes a connection type to male or female
  • Tees — branches off a water supply
  • Nipples— connects two fittings
  • Elbows — changes the direction of flow
  • Unions — same use as couplings
  • Plugs — closes pipes
  • Wyes — shaped in a “Y” and joins pipes at a 45-degree angle

High Temperatures

Another reason to choose brass is the ability of this metal to withstand high temperatures. Brass fittings provide excellent conductivity of hot water and improve the distribution overall. They can withstand heat so well that they are often the only pieces that can survive a house fire.

Corrosion Resistant

Brass fittings are very resistant to corrosion and never rust, which is one of the main reasons brass fittings last over several decades. Rust shortens the lifespan of a plumbing system, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting plumbing system, brass fittings will help extend the lifespan.


Having a perfect fit is imperative for delivering water to buildings. Brass is known for its flexibility and is more malleable than steel or iron. For a snug fit in tighter plumbing spots, brass is an excellent choice.

The benefits of brass fittings in your home’s plumbing will help you with installation and keep your plumbing intact for years to come. Find brass plumbing fittings online at Craft Supply for your next project!