Drawer Pulls or Knobs: Which Should You Choose?

Drawer Pulls or Knobs: Which Should You Choose?

When you’re redesigning your kitchen, even the most minute details need some consideration. So, drawer pulls or knobs—which should you choose?

Nowadays, there are many choices for drawer pulls and knobs! Once you have your cabinets selected, you can choose between various hardware options to find the one that suits your décor best!

Knobs or Pulls

Generally, if you’re going for a retro look in your kitchen, you should pick knobs across the board. Older kitchens tend to have knobs only because their builders didn’t have the variety of today’s kitchen hardware when they constructed them.

While choosing only knobs for your kitchen will add a nostalgic aspect to your design, exclusively selecting drawer pulls for drawers and cabinets will add a contemporary feel. Be sure to find a pull that isn’t too heavy, as doing so will add weight to the design.

Curved or Square?

Does curved or square hardware fit your interior design? Look around your kitchen and consider the overall structure of the room. Do your cabinets, countertops, and lighting fixtures have curved or straight lines? Find the hardware that complements the existing features. Square hardware is more modern, while curved drawer pulls are more traditional.

Different Finishes

When you’re shopping for kitchen hardware, you’ll notice that the finishes vary. How do you determine what will work in your kitchen? You can use your faucet as a guide. If it is brushed metal, you’ll have a more comprehensive array of choices for hardware, such as bronze, black matte, or even rust. Chrome faucets do better with white, black, or dark bronze.

The Hardware’s Feel

Don’t forget to test how the hardware feels! Is it too pointy or slippery? Does it feel too small or clunky? Be sure to give drawer pulls and knobs a test run before buying an entire set for your kitchen.

The question isn’t only about drawer pulls or knobs and which you should choose. You should find a design that fits your kitchen’s aesthetic and your hand!

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