Copper vs. Brass: Which Is Better for Your Plumbing Project?

Copper vs. Brass: Which Is Better for Your Plumbing Project?

Did you know that the type of material you use in plumbing matters? If so, you might be wondering if brass or copper is better for your DIY plumbing project.

Homeowners who are inexperienced in plumbing projects may not know the pros and cons of brass and copper pipes and fixtures. Each metal has its pros and cons that can affect the lifespan of your plumbing and your water quality.

Explore the benefits of copper vs. brass and see which is better for your plumbing project.

Benefits of Copper

Copper is frequently used in plumbing in homes and commercial buildings due to the advantages it provides. Such advantages include:

  • Copper is available in many different fittings and sizes.
  • It provides a higher thermal conductivity than brass, making it an excellent choice for cold and hot water pipes.
  • Corrosion doesn’t happen to copper.
  • Copper is durable, meaning it rarely needs to be replaced.
  • Copper is impervious to contaminants. Chemicals like insecticides or oil can’t penetrate it, keeping your water supply safe.
  • Copper is very recyclable! Even though it’s strong, it’s incredibly malleable and is reusable in different applications.
  • Its malleability allows copper fittings to form tight seals.

Benefits of Brass

Like copper, you’ll also find brass in plumbing, and it has similar advantages to copper.

  • Brass can withstand high temperatures.
  • It is also rust-resistant.
  • Brass also has a long lifespan.
  • You can find brass in appealing finishes for plumbing fixtures.

When To Choose Copper

When should you choose copper for plumbing? Some ideal instances to use copper in your home include:

  • Drinking water supply, both hot and cold
  • HVAC lines
  • Any application that needs a tight seal

When To Choose Brass

Brass isn’t as universal as copper for plumbing projects. You’ll find brass in places like:

  • Non-drinking water supply lines
  • Drains and removal lines
  • Fixtures

When comparing copper vs. brass and assessing which is better for your plumbing project, it’s helpful to know that plumbers typically use copper in pipes and fittings, but brass is more likely to be used as fixtures.

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