Where Did Brass Street Elbows Get Their Name?

Where Did Brass Street Elbows Get Their Name?

If you have ever completed a renovation project or worked in the plumbing industry, you have likely come across the term “brass street elbows.” However, have you ever wondered where brass street elbows got their name? Let us unravel the story behind brass street elbows and show why they are integral to our plumbing and piping systems.

What Are Brass Street Elbows?

Brass street elbows are a type of fitting used primarily in plumbing and piping systems. They are designed to change the direction of a pipe, typically by 90 degrees. These fittings are durable and resistant to corrosion, making them a favored choice for contractors and homeowners.

Behind the Name: Origin of Brass Street Elbows

The word “street” in brass street elbows originates from the fitting’s design (mimicking the way water main tees were run up and down a street). One end of a street elbow is male (external threads) and fits into the female side of another fitting (internal threads). Over time, as these fittings have become popular and standardized in the industry, contractors adopted the term “brass street elbows” to describe them.

Advantages of Brass Street Elbows

While browsing brass fittings online, you will see a variety of styles that could meet your design preferences. However, the distinct design and adaptability of brass street elbows make them stand out. Here are some additional advantages of brass street elbows:

  • Durability: Because they are made of brass, street elbows can withstand wear and tear and boast a long life span.
  • Corrosion resistance: Brass’s inherent properties make it resistant to rust, making it perfect for plumbing systems that regularly come into contact with water.
  • Versatility: Commercial businesses and homeowners can use brass street elbows in their plumbing systems.
  • Easy installation: The male and female ends of the street elbow make installations seamless, reducing the need for multiple fittings.

The next time you come across a brass street elbow, you will know what they do and where they got their name. Whether you are a business looking to place a bulk order or an individual seeking replacements, Craft Supply has a comprehensive inventory of brass fittings online. We can help you find the perfect brass fittings for your next residential or commercial project. Call today to learn more about our products!