What’s the Difference Between Cabinet Knobs and Pulls?

What’s the Difference Between Cabinet Knobs and Pulls?

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen remodels, it’s the details that matter. All the little fixtures are what make these spaces look unique and different. Essentially, these rooms have the basic bones, but the homeowner’s personality comes out when they get down to the ingredients that make the space feel like home. Start off by learning the difference between cabinet knobs and pulls to create the perfect room.

What Are Cabinet Knobs?

Cabinet knobs are typically much smaller than standard-sized knobs. It only takes about one to two fingers to pull them open as opposed to an entire hand. These knobs are also more ornate and come in many different styles.

Cabinet knobs are very versatile. The sizes, designs, and materials all vary, which makes it easy for the homeowner to find a design that complements the space they’re redesigning.

They’re extremely easy to replace and install, only requiring one screw. Knobs are also inexpensive, which is always a plus when it comes to renovations.

What Are Drawer Pulls?

Drawer pulls are the exact opposite knobs. They’re longer handles that allow for a full-hand grasp to open a drawer or cabinet. Pulls are in the center of a drawer’s face to make it easier to open. Cabinet pulls may have fewer styles, but it’s still possible to be versatile.

There are a variety of finishes and styles that any homeowner can choose from to fit the style of their kitchen and budget. You could go with matte black, gold, copper, antique nickel, or even glass.

When To Use Knobs and Pulls

The main difference between the two styles is the installation process. Cabinet knobs require only one screw. Pulls will need two screws, one on each side. Pulls will also need more measurement than knobs because they are larger in size.

When choosing between the two, you need to consider cabinet placement, interior design, and personal preference. Pulls are better suited for lower cabinets and larger drawers. Knobs are ideal for upper cabinets and smaller drawers.

Think about the weight of the drawer and cabinets as well. You want to choose a style that is strong enough to handle the weight. For example, a knob may not be the best choice for a heavy drawer.

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