What To Consider When Replacing Cabinet Hinges

What To Consider When Replacing Cabinet Hinges

If you’re about to undergo a kitchen remodel, you’re probably replacing or upgrading your cabinets. Whether you’re considering installing new cabinets or you want to upgrade your current ones, you’ll have to take some time to think about the hinges. The style can affect the appearance of the doors, and the function is important, too!

Read this blog to know what to consider when replacing cabinet hinges so that you won’t run into any hiccups.

Replacing Cabinet Hinges

Are you trying to find a hinge that’s similar to a hinge you already have? The easiest way to do this is to find the manufacturer. Sometimes, it’s on the actual hinge. But if not, you can search through a buying guide to find the hinge you need.

Hinge Buying Guide

A hinge buying guide will help you find the correct hinge for your cabinet door. Typically, it’ll list the hinge type and application, the manufacturer, the hinge size, and the hinge radius. You’ll also find the material and finishes the hinges are available in.

Installing New Cabinets

If you’re installing new cabinets, you can decide which hinge you’d like. But you’ll need to choose the cabinet hinges and other hardware before you begin. Why?

Hardware is a vital element of cabinet design, and it’s easier to make changes to match the required hardware before you begin the project. If you don’t do this from the outset, you could wind up halfway through your installation without the hardware you need.

Cabinet Door Size

Did you know that cabinet door size will affect the number of hinges you’ll need? Having two hinges is the standard. But for large doors, you might need three or even four hinges to support the weight, depending on the height and thickness.

Order Cabinet Hinges Online

Knowing what to consider when replacing cabinet hinges can help you. You’ll be able to prevent problems by finding suitable replacement hinges before beginning an installation. You can find wholesale cabinet hinges at Craft Supply and learn more about home renovations and remodels by exploring the resources available in our blog.