Tips for Planning a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Tips for Planning a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Tired of how your kitchen looks? If you head into the kitchen to whip up a meal and dislike how the drawers stick or how there’s little to no organization, it may be time for a revamp.

Just below, you’ll find some of our go-to tips for planning a kitchen remodeling project. There are tons of aspects to remember, but these are the ones you absolutely cannot miss. Take a look!

Set Up Your Budget

One of the most important elements of planning a remodel comes down to how you budget. Understanding how much money you have for this project is essential to determine what exactly you can remodel.

But budgeting also means budgeting for time. Is this something you want to spend the whole summer on? Or do you want it done before July? When you factor in timing, that may also impact your budget—you may need to factor in expenses for express shipping or the like. Here are a few other things to keep in mind regarding budget:

  • Hidden costs
  • Unplanned expenses (leave yourself some cushion!)
  • Any professional help you may require (plumbers, contractors, etc.)

Evaluate What’s a Need and What’s a Want

Within that same realm, it’s also vital that you delineate what’s a need and what’s a want. Do you really need a new backsplash? Or do you just want it? This will help you sort through your budgeting decisions.

Figure Out Your Dream Kitchen Design

Once you’ve set your budget, you can think about what you’re looking for. Is a spacious kitchen in your future? Or maybe you want an efficient, minimalist space. Will it mean knocking down that wall into the dining room? Creating more space for your counters? Or is it smaller fixes like new hardware on cabinet doors? Whatever your specific design style is, make sure you take the time to write down what that means for your remodel.

Planning Kitchen Space

Planning out the kitchen space is the next remodeling step. If you’re getting new counters, make sure there’s adequate space for your cooking endeavors. New appliances? Ensure there’s enough room to walk between them. This is essential to sorting out what gets revamped and what stays as is.

Do Your Research and Compare Costs

After you’ve made a list of what it takes to make your kitchen design dreams come true, it’s time to research the different ways to get there. There’s no one right way or one company to shop from. Your best chances are to start by searching for the specific items you need, then compare costs, quality, and reviews from there.

For example, if you know that new cabinets are the main aspect of your remodel, you need to take the time to research the best ways to remodel. It may just mean repainting, but it may mean brand new everything—doors, hardware, and paint. From there, you can determine the best wholesale hardware suppliers or cabinet suppliers to work with.

There you have it—a brief look at the first important tips for planning a kitchen remodeling project. If this is what your summer looks like, don’t hesitate to turn to Craft Supply Corp, your go-to for all things kitchen hardware and accessories.