The Different Types of Copper Plumbing Fittings

The Different Types of Copper Plumbing Fittings

You probably know of general copper piping, but do you know about the different types of copper plumbing fittings? You’ll commonly find copper pipes and fittings in many homes and businesses. They’re used for water supply and refrigerant lines in HVAC. Read on to explore more!

Type K

Of all the types of copper plumbing, type K has the thickest wall. You’ll find it used for fire protection, water distribution, HVAC, oil, and other applications within the construction industry. It’s available in flexible and rigid forms, and you can use it with compression and flared fittings. Professionals recommend using type K for underground installations and main water lines. Its thickness helps it endure the pressure.

Type M

Type M is sold in flexible and rigid forms and is thinner than types L and K. It’s commonly used for vacuum systems and water heating services. It’s favored for residential work because of its relatively low cost—less wall equals less copper. Professionals use it for flare, compression, and sweat fittings. Unfortunately, type M isn’t allowed in every application and area due to plumbing codes.

Type L

Many consider type L the most commonly used copper fitting. Professionals use type L copper tubing for fire protection, interior plumbing, and some HVAC applications. It’s available in flexible and rigid forms, and you can use it with flare, compression, and sweat fittings. Even though rigid piping is more durable, professionals can use type L to replace old water lines. It’s thicker than type M.

Type DWV

Modern construction has replaced copper plumbing for vents and drains in commercial or residential uses with ABS or PVC plastic piping. Another type of copper plumbing fitting is DWV. You’ll find type DWV piping with yellow marking to differentiate it from type M copper. It has a low-pressure rating, and you can only use it in above-ground applications.

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