Striplox Shelflox Extendable Connector



Pair Minimum quantity: 100


The Striplox Shelflox is an ultra strong, fully concealed solution for fixing horizontal shelving or vertical panels. Adjustable to suit a variety of depths from 215 mm (8.5″) to 600 mm (23.6″), this strong and permanent solution allows for shelving to be quickly installed simply by sliding into the locked position. It has the added benefit of shelves being able to be positioned opposite each other horizontally with one single end panel (saving substrate and transportation costs). It is suitable for all cabinets, furniture and closets designed for 16 mm (5/8″) substrate, either MDF, particleboard or timber.
No need for visible 32 system holes.

Weight 10 lbs
Packaging format

Bag of 8 units, Pair



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