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Category: Dismountable Connectors

Dismountable Connectors

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  • SKU:53662160G

    62/15 Duo Connector

    Pair Minimum quantity: 50
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  • SKU:FS203170

    Domino DF 500 Connector Kit


    Description The Domino connectors make knock-down joinery simple and stable. Quickly and easily assemble, separate and reassemble your work for increased flexibility across a wide range of applications – from corner panel joints to center panel joints to joints between a series of holes. For increased stability, speed and flexibility. Because of its high tolerance …

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  • SKU:1501260

    Double Action Joint Fastener



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  • SKU:CP422206080

    Duo 30 Wall Connector


    Description The Duo hang wall connector includes two identical round shaped plastic brackets that hook into each other. It is easy to mount by just snapping the two components in place.

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  • SKU:269W

    Joining Device



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  • Non-Locking Spring Steel Clip

    Minimum quantity: 100
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  • Panel Mounting System


    Description This product is an easy fastener system for panels. The system is a secure, reusable, durable, and effective way to prevent panels from slipping, falling, and constantly being repaired. Required product: #4 screw

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  • Push Fit Fastener

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  • Shoulder Screw for Non-Locking Steel Clips


    Description Shoulder Screws for Non-Locking Spring Steel Clips. For a 5 mm predrill.

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  • SKU:37600032G

    Solid Male/Female Fitting


    Description Two items This fitting for heavy loads is ideal for bed, cabinet and metal structure construction. The bag of 100 units contains 50 pairs (1 male and 1 female).

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  • Striplox 180D Joiner

    Set Minimum quantity: 20
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  • Striplox 90D-51 Compact Right Angle Joiner

    Set Minimum quantity: 250
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  • Striplox 90D-98 Right Angle Joiner

    Minimum quantity set: 50
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  • Striplox Clip 50 Connector


    Description Striplox Clip 50 Connector system offers a simple yet effective solution to fixing furniture, panels, cabinetry and interior fittings to most structures with its patented design, globally recognised for its strength versatility and ease of use. Striplox Clip 50 connectors are available for smaller scaled projects up to larger commercial/architectural projects. The Striplox unique …

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  • Striplox Megalox Connector


    Pair Minimum quantity: 50

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  • Striplox Mini 120 Invisible Joiner

    Pair Minimum quantity: 100
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