Striplox Pro 55 Concealed Connector



Pair Minimum quantity: 50


The Striplox Pro 55 — connects objects together in seconds. The unique and innovative 2 part connecting and fastening system delivers strength and durability in one action by transferring load capacities evenly over the entire joint with amazing results. Striplox Pro 55 connectors can be configured in many different ways to best suit your application by either surface mounting or rebate mounting and orientated vertical or horizontal to provide you with a perfect totally hidden fixing (No visible screws, fasteners, cam & dowels, brackets or cover caps).

Using the patented Striplox Pro 55 connectors will greatly reduce your labour costs through intelligent assembly. The engineered design enables flat packing of your products leaving all the manufacturing in the factory, then on location no tools or technical skills or loose fasteners or glue are required. This enables the project to be finish quickly saving time and reducing labour costs.

Striplox Pro 55 connectors can be pulled down, relocated and connected as many times as you like! Or if your requirement is to have the connection permanent then simply leave the locking tab in place. (See Installation Guide)

With limitless Commercial and Domestic applications and designs, installers and manufactures are now completely re-thinking how to deliver better designs and finishes not possible using conventional fasteners and fixings.

Weight 10 lbs
Packaging format

Bag of 20 units, Pair