Standard Dual Standing Pilot Gas Valve – 3/4″ x 3/4″

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Used in gas-fired appliances with capacities up to 200 feet 3/hour at 1 inch wc pressure drop [5.7 meters3/hour at 0.25 kPa] on natural gas and includes a manual valve, safety shutoff, two automatic operators, and a pressure regulator.

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  • The VR8300 setup for natural gas includes a 39369 LP Conversion Kit. The kit contains a new cap screw, a pressure regulator adjustment screw, a tapered spring and a conversion label. The control must be equipped with a standard servo pressure regulator. Step-opening gas controls cannot be converted.
  • Ambient Temperature Range 0°F to 175°F
  • Approvals: International Approval Services Listed: L2025007 

Installation Instructions Pilot Gas Valve


Installation Instructions Pilot Gas Valve
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