Hafele Tilt-Out Closet Organizer – Laundry Hamper in Chrome



  • Tilt-Out Laundry Hamper
  • Lowered handles
  • For hanging on a mounting rail attached to the cabinet door
  • Designed higher at the front than the back, so it fits into a cabinet with the door front hinged at the base, instead of the side
  • Door to which this unit mounts is opened under spring tension by approximately 27?
  • To open or close, simply apply pressure directly to the doorRequired Fittings:
    Mounting Bracket (HA-540.02.194):
  • Screw mounted
  • Width: 8-7/16″
  • Material: Steel, Finish: Chrome Plated
  • Spacing between holes: 6-19/64″ Hafele “Flap-Ex” Flap Hinge (HA-365.52.708):
  • Completely assembled
  • Includes 1 screw-on angular bracket, 1 round rod with plastic sleeve, 2 washers, 2 spiral springs, and 1 screw-on bearing, packed loose
  • Holds door open in a preset position
  • When the door is closed the flap is pushed back into the cabinet and secured by screw-mounted Mini Latch (HA-245.54.701)

Hafele’s tilt-out wire laundry basket closet organizers are a practical addition to laundry room cabinets and closets. The lowered handle laundry hamper fits into tilt-out cabinets that have hinges at the base of the door. The wire baskets are higher at the front and have lowered handles so they can be hung on a mounting rail. The laundry hampers are available in two widths to fit most tilt-out cabinets. The mounting bracket is designed for screw mounting and uses a Hospa 4.0mm screw. The Flap-Ex flap stay holds the door open in a preset position and comes completely assembled with all the necessary hardware. The laundry hamper and mounting bracket are made of chrome-plated steel.


9-3/8″ W x 10-3/16″ D x Front – 16-1/2″ H, Rear – 14-3/8″ H
For Cabinet Width: 11-3/4″
Capacity: 23.5 liters

15-1/4″ W x 10-3/16″ D x Front – 16-1/2″ H, Rear – 14-3/8″ H
For Cabinet Width: 17-3/4″
Capacity: 39 liters

Hamper Size

15-1/4'' W x 10-3/16'' D x 16-1/2'' H, 9-3/8'' W x 10-3/16'' D x 16-1/2'' H


Detailed Specifications
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    Hafele Mounting Bracket, for Laundry Hamper 540.02.112 and 540.02.121


    Dim. (W x H x D): 214 x 26 x 16 mm Color/finish: Chrome plated, chrome plated Area of application: For mounting laundry baskets onto the wall or cabinet Material: Steel Hole spacing: 160 mm Installation: Screw-mounted

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