FELTAC® Heavy-Duty Self-Adhesive Cutting Strip

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  • Ideal application for rocking chair
  • FELTAC® felt pads provide the best combination of softness, sticking power, durability, thickness, stability and color!
  • Recommended Surfaces: Tile/ Ceramic/ Linoleum, Hardwood/Laminate
  • Finish: Beige
  • Length – Overall Dimensions: 1 473 mm
  • Width – Overall Dimensions: 13 mm
  • Mounting Type: Self-adhesive
  • Shape: Strip / Rectangular
  • Material: Polyester

Important information:

  • Use safe lifting techniques to avoid injury. Do not manually lift heavy objects.
  • Care must be taken when installing pads to ensure effectiveness; not all furniture sits squarely on floor.
  • Check periodically for wear; felt should be replaced accordingly.


  1. Remove old pad, clean thoroughly to remove dirt buildup, and leave to dry.
  2.  Cut to desired length.
  3.  Remove protective paper. Do not touch adhesive.
  4.  Position as desired and press firmly, cannot be repositioned.


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