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  • SKU:423513950

    Angled Slipfix Railbolt


    Description: The latest product for the stair industry, this connector is particularly designed for joining a handrail to a post at an acute angle (upstairs joint) The angled shaft is preinstalled into the rail with a slight protrusion then can be engaged to the fitted keyhole disc in the post Once the connection is made, …

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  • Countertop Bolt, Zinc


    Description Ideal to join countertop pieces together, renovation is definitely no longer an issue with this tool.

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  • Countertop Fastener


    Ideal to join countertop pieces together, renovation is definitely no longer an issue with this tool. Finish: Zinc Area of Activity: Preparation Solutions: Countertops and Accessories Product Dimensions – Length: 4 in Center to Center: 2 to 3 1/2 in Drilling Diameter: 1/4 in Material: Steel Advantages and benefits: Applies even, controlled pressure between joint members, …

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  • Door and Drawer Connector


    Description 70-mm long steel pin with zinc-plated finish, used to connect two doors or a door and drawer front together to form a hidden joint. Useful in applications where a drawer box cannot be fitted. e.g.. a corner unit. When used, the plastic washer should be placed at the center of the door connector (see …

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  • SKU:51664

    Drill Bit for Countertop Fastener (Drill Bit Only)



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  • SKU:51663

    Drill Guide for Countertop Fastener (Drill Guide Only)



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  • FlipBolt Countertop Connector


    Description: No tools are required to install this countertop connector. The FlipBolt is fast, easy, and great for most countertop connections: just tip down the lever to tighten. Finish: Steel Material: Steel Technical documentation click here Technical documentation click here Technical documentation click here

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  • SKU:977281

    FlipBolt Cutout Template


    Description Perfectly fit the FlipBolt!

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  • SKU:917282

    J-Hook Connector for Surface Mounting FlipBolt


    Description: The set includes one “J-Hook” connector (1 left side and 1 right side) REQUIRED PRODUCT: FlipBolt Countertop Connector   Technical Documentation click here Technical Documentation click here

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  • SKU:10622G

    Joint Fastener


    Description Countertop bolt.

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  • Nickel Euro Screw M6.3, Flat Head, Phillips Drive


    Specific Application: Slide and Hinge, Euro Material: Steel Head Size: 8 mm Head Type: Euro Flat Point Type: Blunt Thread Type: Euro Finish: Nickel Function: Euro Types: Screws Drive required: Phillips Drive Size: #2 (Phillips) Threading: Full thread Standards and Certifications: Not Certified Thread Count (Pitch/TPI): Not available Thread Count (PITCH/TPI) – Assembly Screws: Not …

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  • SKU:423517800

    Post Mounting Anchor Set


    Description Solid and robust, this product is designed to anchor posts on terraces, porches and verandas. – Provides five anchor points – the longer center screw allows to secure the post to the surface of the terrace. – Additionally secured thanks to four construction screws. – The 89 mm (3 1/2 in) square plate fits …

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  • SKU:423540260

    Railbolt Drill Guide 40.260


    Description This product is an excellent accessory for the stair builder where constant boring of holes is needed, it is specifically designed for hole preparation needed by the Zipbolt Railbolt. The actual kit features the necessary drill bits as well as a carry bag so the guide and bits are always together. The guide itself …

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  • SKU:510ZC

    Table Top Joint Fastener


    Description Joint fastener installs into a routed pocket underneath the table top. A tightening hex nut is placed on the top end.

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  • SKU:423513802

    Zipbolt Slipfix Exterior RailBolt


    Description Slipfix Exterior was created for outdoor use, it is a combination of stainless steel parts and epoxy coated and baked parts, the reason is coated parts could not be made from stainless steel. We have tested the product to 1,000 hrs corrosion test and 1,500 hrs of salt spray test with satisfaction. Slipfix is …

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  • SKU:423513801

    Zipbolt Slipfix RailBolt


    Description Slipfix Railbolt is an innovative new product for the stair industry. Its practical design allows you to install a handrail between two fixed posts. The Slipfix is pre-installed in both ends of the rail and retracts flush with the end grain. When the handrail is lowered between the posts, the connector pin is deployed …

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