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Angled Slipfix Railbolt



  • The latest product for the stair industry, this connector is particularly designed for joining a handrail to a post at an acute angle (upstairs joint)
  • The angled shaft is preinstalled into the rail with a slight protrusion then can be engaged to the fitted keyhole disc in the post
  • Once the connection is made, tightening takes place using the Zipbolt gear drive system and a side ratchet tool or Allen key providing a perfect joint
  • Specific Application: Wood Railing and Stair
  • Material: Steel

Technical documentation click here

Weight 0.05 lbs


Angled Slipfix Railbolt line Art, Instruction Angled Slipfix Railbolt


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Angled Slipfix Railbolt line Art
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Instruction Angled Slipfix Railbolt
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