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Category: Table Leg Accessories

Table Leg Accessories

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  • SKU:45300810

    Base for ABS Legs

    Minimum quantity: 4
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  • SKU:6600010170



    Description Kit of 4 covers for Zoom-series legs.

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  • SKU:HA-654.35.310

    Hafele Height Adjuster, Ø60 mm Component System


    Installation: Press-fit into bottom of Ø60 mm tube Height: Completely screwed down (compressed) height is (1 3/8”) 35, Fully extended height is (5 3/4”) 146 mm Adjustment: 4 3/8” Material: Plastic Supplied with: Sleeve

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  • SKU:HA-635.06.009

    Hafele Leveler, Ø60 mm Component System


    Height: When completely screwed down compressed height is (5/8”) 16 mm Adjustment: + (1″) 25 mm Mounting: Press-fit Material: Plastic Supplied with: 4 levelers

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  • SKU:HA-635.06.015

    Hafele Mounting Plate, Ø60 mm Component System


    Mounting: Screw-mounted Features: With M10 stud Finish: Epoxy-coated Material: Steel Supplied with: 4 mounting plates Mounting screws #9 x 1”

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  • Hafele Table Legs Component System


    Features: Table Legs Component System A flexible leg system offering “do it yourself” customization Tubes can be cut to length and various accessories are available Steel Square Mounting Plate – HA-635.06.013 4-1/2″W x 4-1/2″D x 3/16″H Screw mounted, with M10 stud Includes mounting screws #9 x 1″ Finish: steel, epoxy-coated, black, steel screws Packing: 1 …

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  • SKU:HA-635.06.026

    Hafele Threaded Insert, M10, Ø60 mm Component System


    Installation: For mounting plate and caster attachment, Presses into top or bottom of tube Material: Steel, Plastic Note: Caster selected must have a threaded stem at least 7/8” long.

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  • SKU:HA-635.16.399

    Hafele Washer, Ø60 mm Component System


    Application: For bottom of the legs when used with casters Installation: Used in conjunction with M10 threaded insert to allow threaded casters to tighten against insert Material: Steel Note: Washer is required.

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  • SKU:61300090

    Insert and Caster for Leg 613


    Description For #613 table leg.

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  • SKU:66000490

    Round Covers for Zoom Series



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  • SKU:66000290

    Zoom Series Caster


    Description Kit of 4 casters for Zoom series legs.

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  • SKU:66000190

    Zoom Series Caster



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