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Hafele Table Legs Component System




  • Table Legs Component System
  • A flexible leg system offering “do it yourself” customization
  • Tubes can be cut to length and various accessories are available
  • Steel Square Mounting Plate – HA-635.06.013
    • 4-1/2″W x 4-1/2″D x 3/16″H
    • Screw mounted, with M10 stud
    • Includes mounting screws #9 x 1″
    • Finish: steel, epoxy-coated, black, steel screws
    • Packing: 1 set (includes 4 pcs.)
  • Leg/ Tube – HA-635.20.066, HA-635.20.266, HA-635.20.368, HA-635.20.966
    • 60mm (2-3/8″) diameter
    • 1425mm H (56″H)
    • Available in brushed steel, polished chrome, black textured and silver aluminum
    • Cut to size
    • Material: steel, plated or epoxy-coated
    • 2-1/4″ diameter x 2″H
    • For mounting plate and caster attachment – it is pressed into top or bottom of tube
    • Please note, caster selected must have a threaded stem at least 7/8″ long
    • Material: steel, zinc-plated, plastic
    • 2-1/2″ diameter x 1-7/8″H
    • When completely screwed down (compressed) height is 5/8″
    • Offers + 1″ adjustment
    • 1 set (includes 4 pcs.)
    • Material: plastic
    • Offers 4-3/8″ of adjustment
    • Press-fit into bottom of 60mm tube
    • When completely screwed down (compressed) height is 1-3/8″
    • When fully extended height is 5-3/4″
    • Includes: Black sleeve to cover adjustment mechanism
    • Material: plastic
    • 2-3/4″ diameter x 6″H
    • Slides over 60mm (2-3/8″) diameter legs to add decorative accent
    • Material: plastic
    • 2-3/8″ diameter
    • For bottom of legs when used with casters
    • M10 male threads required for use
    • Material: steel


This Table Legs Component System from Hafele allows you to customize your table base with a variety of components, including a mounting plate, a 60mm (2-3/8″) diameter tube, a height adjuster, a decorative sleeve, a thread insert, a leveler and a washer. The mounting plate is screw mounted with an M10 stud. The 60mm (2-3/8″) diameter tube comes 1425mm (56″) long and can be cut to size. The height adjuster press-fits into the bottom of the 60mm (2-3/8″) diameter tube. The decorative sleeve slides over the legs to add an accent. The thread insert is for mounting plate and caster attachment and fits into the bottom or top ofo the tube. The leveler offers + 1″ adjustment and comes in a set of four. The washer has a diameter of 60mm (2-3/8″) and fits on the bottom of the legs when casters are used. Each of these components are sold separately.


(W = side to side) (D = front to back) (H = top to bottom)

Mounting Plate:

Other Components:

Available Height: Adjustable Height

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Table Leg

Leg in Black Textured, Leg in Brushed Steel, Leg in Polished Chrome, Leg in Silver Aluminum


Component System
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  • SKU:HA-635.06.026

    Hafele Threaded Insert, M10, Ø60 mm Component System


    Installation: For mounting plate and caster attachment, Presses into top or bottom of tube Material: Steel, Plastic Note: Caster selected must have a threaded stem at least 7/8” long.

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  • SKU:HA-654.35.310

    Hafele Height Adjuster, Ø60 mm Component System


    Installation: Press-fit into bottom of Ø60 mm tube Height: Completely screwed down (compressed) height is (1 3/8”) 35, Fully extended height is (5 3/4”) 146 mm Adjustment: 4 3/8” Material: Plastic Supplied with: Sleeve

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  • SKU:HA-635.06.009

    Hafele Leveler, Ø60 mm Component System


    Height: When completely screwed down compressed height is (5/8”) 16 mm Adjustment: + (1″) 25 mm Mounting: Press-fit Material: Plastic Supplied with: 4 levelers

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  • SKU:HA-635.06.015

    Hafele Mounting Plate, Ø60 mm Component System


    Mounting: Screw-mounted Features: With M10 stud Finish: Epoxy-coated Material: Steel Supplied with: 4 mounting plates Mounting screws #9 x 1”

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