Important Considerations Before Starting a Plumbing Project

Important Considerations Before Starting a Plumbing Project

Plumbing projects can impact all areas of your home, and if not done correctly, bathroom remodels or kitchen renovations can wreak havoc. Here are some important considerations before starting a plumbing project.

Septic Systems

If you’re updating or adding another bathroom to your home, it’s crucial to find out if the existing septic system will still be operable after any changes or additions. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your septic tank, which would lead to more costs and more headaches.

Water Heater Capacity

Is your hot water heater able to handle another bathroom? Your existing water heater might have enough capacity for your current bathrooms, but adding another could overextend its capabilities.

Typically, a 23 to 36-gallon tank is sufficient for smaller homes or apartments with two people. An average size tank of 36 to 46 galloon works well for households with four people, while a large 46 to 56- gallon water heater is perfect for a home with multiple bathrooms.


When you’re considering where to put fixtures or appliances in a plumbing project, ensure the placement works well with your home. If you live in an area that experiences harsh winters, placing pipes within interior walls can help prevent frozen or burst pipes when temperatures plummet.

No matter where you live, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of space behind a sink, shower, or even a dishwasher for pipes, drainage, and venting.

Floor Drains

Installing laundry rooms on the second floor of homes can also add much-needed convenience. Renovating an existing bathroom into a laundry room can make the process easier, but you’ll need to be sure the location can adequately accommodate floor drains and runoff.

Plumbing projects have many factors to keep in mind, and they affect almost every part of your home. With these important considerations before starting a plumbing project, you can avoid any problems and go into your bathroom or kitchen remodel with confidence!

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