3 Common Problems Caused by Offset Joints

3 Common Problems Caused by Offset Joints

Most homeowners dealing with drainage or sewer problems assume that the pipes are clogged or that there’s a crack somewhere. But the issue could be an offset joint. Put down the Drano because it can’t help you here. An offset joint requires a little more work than pouring a chemical solution down the drain. If you’re facing any of these three common problems caused by offset joints, you need a new game plan.

Exiting Sewage

Like we said, drain clogs don’t just come from too much hair down the drain. When offsets develop, they create a bottleneck at that point in the sewer system. This means that any flowing through your pipes will become caught on the lip of the offset.

As fluids and solids flow through the system, they slow down at the point of the offset, causing a bigger clog. Eventually, the solids get stuck there and trap more materials that also try to travel through the system. Plumbing tools like snakes can get snagged on the offset and create a bigger, more expensive problem.

Root Openings

An offset joint is an invitation for tree roots to penetrate the pipes. The gaps in the sewer line are the perfect opportunity for them to get through, especially if the roots cause the offset joints. The roots may push the pipes apart to create more space to grow.

It begins with the roots following the moisture available to its source. Once the roots penetrate, they start to grow inside the pipe. Clogs will be a definite issue, but you’ll need to get in contact with a professional plumber to solve the problem.


Sinkholes are a problem you never want to face on your property. The gaps in the pipes and offset joints allow sewage to leak out. The sewage then contaminates the groundwater and carries soil as it flows.

Eventually, sinkholes will develop on the property in the areas where the underground sewage is flowing. Professional plumbers know how to solve this problem and the previous ones. They bring the necessary equipment to fix the offset joints. At Craft Supply Corp, we have copper plumbing supplies perfect for fitting and filling those gaps.

The common problems caused by offset joints are no match for the supplies and materials we carry. For more information, visit our website.