3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Cabinet Knobs

3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Cabinet Knobs

It’s natural to want to refresh and polish up your kitchen cabinets every so often. There are simple and effective ways to liven up your space without spending lots of time or money. These are three benefits of upgrading your cabinet knobs.

Something Unexpected

Do you have an updated kitchen that still feels like it’s lacking something? Try switching up the placement of the knobs. This idea can genuinely feel like an upgrade and refresh the space. It will take a bit of concentration and time to drill the new holes and refill the old ones, but your kitchen will look upgraded in no time.

Grab an oversized knob and place it in the center of a cabinet to create an elevated and elegant kitchen. Or switch the knobs to pulls and place them along the bottom of the cabinet horizontally instead of vertically.


Make sure the cabinet is still functional with the new placement of the knobs before you put in all the work and switch everything. Ensure the new ones fit your lifestyle and are reachable for kids and adults.

A More Efficient Space

Did you move into your home and find the kitchen cabinets were bare? You may be used to opening the cabinets without knobs. However, those little pieces of hardware can make them simpler to open. Kids can easily grasp the pulls to open drawers themselves. Plus, you may find yourself cleaning the cabinets less because greasy and grimy fingers aren’t directly touching them.

Updated and Modern Kitchen

One benefit of upgrading your cabinet knobs is that your kitchen will appear modern at all times. You’ll prevent the space from appearing outdated and bland.

Try mixing and matching knobs and handles to give your kitchen personality and dimension. You can also choose different styles and patterns. People seem to shy away from mismatching, but not every detail needs to be identical to create a cohesive and flowing space.

Keep in mind the overall style you’re trying to achieve. It may be contemporary, vintage, or minimalistic. The aesthetic you follow is what will pull everything together.

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