DAB Wet Rotor Electronic Circulator (Model EVOSTA 110-127V)

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  • 3 Speed, VFD (Variable frequency drives)
  • Low energy consumption electronic pump for hot water circulation in all types of domestic heating systems.
  • Temperature range: from 36 °F to 215 °F
  • Working pressure: 145 psi
  • Operating range: 0.8 – 13.2 gpm with head up to 18 ft
  • Standard power input: single-phase 1 x 110-127 V~ 60 Hz
  • Protection class: IP 44
  • Insulation class: F
  • Installation: with horizontal motor axis
  • Pumped liquid: Clean, free of solids and mineral oils, non – viscous, chemically neutral, with properties similar to water (glycol max 30%).
  • Made in Italy


Cast iron pump body and wet rotor motor. Die-cast aluminium motor casing. Technopolymer impeller. Ceramic motor shaft on graphite bushings lubricated by the pumped liquid. Stainless steel rotor liner, stator liner and closing flange. Ceramic thrust ring. EPDM seal ring and brass air breather plug. Thanks to the internal protection of the motor, the pump does not require overload protection.


  • Thanks to the advanced technology employed, the permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the frequency converter, the new range of EVOSTA circulators ensures high efficiency in all applications, with significant benefits in terms of energy saving. For this reason, the new EVOSTA circulator not only complies with European Directive ErP 2009/125/EC (formerly EuP) (EEI ≤0,23). The circulator has a built-in electronic device that detects the changes demanded by the system, and automatically adapts the circulator performance accordingly, always ensuring optimum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.


  • The EVOSTA circulator is also suitable for replacing old three-speed circulators, both as far as size, as it has the same dimensions of the VA series, and for its capability of covering pumps with heads of 4, 5, and 6 metres with one single model. It can also simplify the work of the user, thanks to a single sequential setting button and a breather plug used to degas the system and unlock the motor shaft if required.
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Specifications (EVOSTA 110-127V)


Specifications (EVOSTA 110-127V)
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