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The Power Slide mechanism represents the latest innovation in corner cabinet solutions. The symbol of a perfect balance between design and functionality, the system features attractive trays that slide out independently with a smooth, fluid movement. Trays are equipped with full-extension slides, mounted centrally. The straight sliding movement allows complete access to your stored items and makes the system suitable for installation next to your dishwasher or drawers, because trays will never bump into drawers or dishwasher doors.

  • Interior Dimensions Required – Height: Min. 620 mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight capacity per shelf: 20 kg
  • Load Rating: 40 kg
  • Number of Trays: 2
  • Solutions: Corner Cabinets
  • Area of Activity: Food Storage, Storage, Preparation

Advantages and benefits

– full extension for complete access to the interior of your cabinet.
– ergonomic design makes the best use of available space, with an integrated rim to prevent smaller items from slipping out.
– sliding movement lets the adjacent cabinet remain fully accessible, since trays slide parallel to drawers.
– center-mounting for fewer space restrictions, ideal for face frame applications, and to remain unobtrusive.
– easy to mount and maintain: trays can be easily detached and repositioned without tools.
– each tray can be pulled out independently for ease of use.
– trays are built to be light but have a high load capacity of up to 20 kg (44 lb) per tray.
– shelves feature an integrated anti-slip coating.

Important information

The screws for mounting into the cabinet as shown in the mounting instructions sheet are not included. They are suggested by the manufacturer. The length of the screws depends on the thickness of the panels of the cabinet.
The instructions sheet show a right hand unit, so for 9592100 and 9596100. For left opening consider a mirror reflect of the instructions.

Technical documentation click here

Technical documentation click here

Technical documentation click here

Weight N/A

Dark Gray, Gray


Left, Right

Tray Diameter

450 mm, 600 mm

Opening Width

412 mm, 562 mm


1162 mm, 862 mm



Power Slide Pro-Arc Mechanism Datasheet, Power Slide Pro-Arc Mechanism Instructions


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Power Slide Pro-Arc Mechanism Datasheet
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Power Slide Pro-Arc Mechanism Instructions
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